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Pre- Lockdown Prices

Azemad have increased their prices twice since lockdown.

Wheeler Sports are keeping stock prices at pre-lockdown prices.

Large Discounts Also Available For:
In Stock Bauer Cage Combo Helmets, Bauer Concept 3 Visors
Bauer NME Keeper Mask, Bauer Core & Premier Bags

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Carlos & Arthur

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A Leading Supplier in the UK of Quality Rink Hockey Equipment & Systems
Ranging from novice to professional standards

This success has been achieved through a combination of convenient online ordering, travelling around the rinks attending all the major Rink Hockey tournaments and most importantly, thanks to great customer support!

Having been involved with Roller Hockey since 1975, firstly as a player then into coaching in the early nineties and involved with National Teams since 2005, I feel my vast experience of our great sport is especially valuable in helping to understand players needs and expectations – especially when it comes to choosing the right Rink Hockey equipment!

You can be assured of friendly and knowledgeable service helping to provide suitable equipment for you, whatever the level and alongside my good friend and National Coaching Director Carlos Amaral providing the right support and advice in all aspects of Roller Hockey.